Tuesdays With Ryz- Making Sacrifices

How much would you sacrifice for others?  Would you sacrifice your wealth? Getting ahead?  Your life?

We all make sacrifices.  We sacrifice time, money, resources, emotional stability, our own happiness at times, because there is a greater purpose to our lives and involvement in the decision we have discovered.  While few will pay the ultimate price with their lives, the way that Jesus is celebrated this week by Christians all over the world, the decisions we make sometimes feel like they are going to kill us.  They are difficult decisions but, as we recognize this week, those are the ones that are always the right ones to make and yield the biggest rewards for us and those around us.

Sacrifice is a term that we don’t use in our vernacular very often.  It is a hard word to say because of the meaning it carries.  However, every day, we choose to sacrifice things because it is the right thing to do.  Many are coming up on the end of 40 days of sacrificing during Lent, and while those sacrifices may be trivial, they culminate in a joyous celebration and event that brings with it new life, new perspective and new opportunity.

Don’t look upon the difficult choices you have in your life as a burden.  Embrace them as an opportunity to be the one that brings joy and new life or opportunity in the lives of others because of your unique ability to have that impact.  When faced with a tough decision, try not to see the pain that it may bring you in the short term, but rather embrace the long term effects your selfless acts will have, creating a positive impact for generations to come that you may not realize.

A very happy and blessed Holy Week to all of you and enjoy a wonderful Easter with your friends and family.