#89Ate- Broad Street Diner

With Lent’s arrival in 2021, fish frys will be popping up at churches and parish centers all around the area for those who abstain from meat during the season. As people crowd the fish frys, and with current Coronavirus restrictions still in place, it can be tough for folks to grab a meal on Fridays. But fret not, as many local restaurants have plenty of seafood options to satisfy your Lenten and Friday fish fry needs, one of them being Broad Street Diner in Canfield. With fish dinners that rival any out there, and a regular menu that’s just as tasty as their fish, there’s plenty to love about the Canfield establishment. Here is our review of Broad Street Diner.

89Ate_BroadStreet_FishWith the goal of creating a family-friendly, casual restaurant, Broad Street Diner was founded in 2008 in Canfield, OH. The small building stands on its own along Broad Street, and inside, you’ll find a comfortable little eatery that serves sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, pastas, fish dinners, daily lunch and dinner specials, and more. This diner is the perfect place to relax, with its cozy and laid-back atmosphere, but the food makes it much more than that. 

Our Broad Street meals were quite diverse, ranging from their seafood options to their signature sandwiches and wraps. The haddock dinners were a favorite for us. The fish was light, seasoned perfectly, and was bursting with flavor in each bite. The wraps, notably the chicken bacon ranch, are packed perfectly with fresh and delicious ingredients. These wraps and sandwiches are more than enough to leave you feeling full and ready to relax, but if that wasn’t enough, Broad Street also offers tasty soups, which are also fresh and delicious.

Broad Street Diner in Canfield is the perfect little place to get your next lunch or dinner. While a perfect option for Friday fish, Broad Street’s regular menu is also full of delicious items that you’re sure to love. If you’re looking for an amazing new restaurant to try, look no further than Broad Street. Be sure to share your Broad Street experience with us using #89Ate!