10 Reasons You Should Invest in a Website Redesign

The benefits of a quality website cannot be overstated. A good website can create lifelong customers, and generate sales, for your company. With the power of the internet, and the rise of smartphones and devices, there’s never been a better time to redesign your site. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in a website redesign.


Your Competition Has a Website or Has a Better Website

The number one reason you should invest in a better website redesign is because your competition has a better website. By not being online, or being overshadowed by competitors, you are losing potential sales due to the ease of access for the consumer. By making your site more optimal for users, you can gain the upper hand in earning their business.


Creating a Good First Impression

The first 20 seconds that a customer spends on your website is the first impression that customer has of your business. If a customer arrives at your site for the first time, and it is outdated or visually unappealing, they are more likely to have a poor initial impression of your business. Having a visually appealing site creates better engagement between your potential customers and your business.


24 Hour Business

Most of the time, a business can only be open for certain hours and days of the week. A well designed website allows for customers to access your business and, potentially, its services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A great website gives consumers an opportunity to easily contact your business outside of normal hours and, if the site is configured to e-commerce, purchase products. 


Responsive Website Design

In 2020, more than 50% of web page views came from mobile devices. This statistic has grown exponentially in the past decade since the creation of smartphones, which proves the importance of having a website that looks just as good on smaller screens. Even if your site was created in the past 5 years, it could be due for a redesign for better viewing on mobile devices. 


Gain Insight from Your Customers

Consumer insight is one of the most important sources of information for your business. By having a website with the proper tools in place to track and collect this information, you can better target and market to consumers.


Building Your Brands Image

Whether you’re a new startup business or a large established business, a major goal is to make consumers aware of your brand. By investing in a well-designed website, you’re able to reach a larger market of customers and create confidence between the customer and your brand. Today, people expect you to have a website, and if you either don’t have one or it is not high quality, then you are likely damaging your brand’s reputation.


Access to Analytical Marketing Tools

Websites are much more than a digital brochure for your company. They are a whole new avenue to market to your customers. Using tools such as Google Analytics provide many resources and information that can be very valuable to your business when used effectively. These tools can be customized to best fit your business and industry. 


Reaching New Target Markets

With the valuable information you can get from having an up to date website, you can better target and serve consumers. Small businesses can become large businesses with a proper website! By using an updated website, you can reach consumers who you may not have otherwise reached.


Improved Search Engine Ranking

There are key terms used when a person searches for a specific business or service. These key terms are constantly changing in the algorithms used by search engines. Outdated websites typically do not rank favorably in search results. Understanding SEO can be difficult, which is why it is important to seek information from professionals that understand this information when building a new website.


Regardless of Your Industry, People WILL Search for You Online

In today’s technological world, people will search for your business online. Studies have shown that in 2020, 80% of people researched a company online before visiting it or making a purchase. There are customers who want to find your business, and if your business is not online or represented well online, how will they find you? By not having a website, potential new customers will not have the opportunity to find your business. So why run the risk of not having a quality website? 


Redesigning your website has so many awesome benefits, and is a great way to boost your business. Giving people a great user experience online can create new customers, and more sales, all while improving your brand’s reputation. So, if your website needs it, now is the time to redesign your site and give users an outstanding experience!


ABOUT THE AUTHORMichaelMerdich_898_Headshot

Michael Merdich is a full-time Web Designer at 898 Marketing. As a Web Designer, Michael’s responsibilities include designing and developing websites, search engine optimization, and digital integration. Michael is a Boardman, Ohio native, and graduate of Youngstown State University with a Bachelor of Applied Science, majoring in Information Technology.