#89Ate- Kravitz Deli

There are many factors that go into judging the success of a restaurant. The quality of the food, service, management, and kitchen are all things that, of course, take a restaurant to the next level. They also help a restaurant withstand the test of time. One restaurant that has prided itself on quality in all phases is Kravitz Deli in Youngstown, which is currently celebrating over 80 years of service in the Valley. Kravitz proves that, when you have all the elements of a successful restaurant working, you can become a staple in your community through generations. Here is what impressed us most about our visit to Kravitz Deli.


This Belmont Avenue deli needs no introduction. For years, the Kravitz family has been famous for their sandwiches, breakfast bagels, and other traditional Jewish-style deli creations. Jack Kravitz, the current owner and son of founder Rose Kravitz, and his team create delicious Kosher meats for Valley residents to enjoy. Kravitz Deli has been a staple of the Youngstown community since 1939, making it the oldest such deli in the area, proving that they have the staying power to make it one of the most iconic and delicious restaurants in the Valley.89Ate_Sandwich_Kravitz


Our experience with Kravitz Deli was outstanding, as expected. Many of us went for their classic Pick 2 Lunch Combo, which features half a sandwich and either a soup or salad. Some of our favorite menu items include the Reuben sandwiches, wedding soup, and breakfast bagels. The Reuben is a classic option at Kravitz, served with fresh corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut on homemade slices of rye bread, and a side of signature thousand island dressing. Kravitz wedding soup, a soup that is famous in Youngstown, is delicious, and perfect for keeping you warm on rainy days and during winter weather. The breakfast bagel comes warm and toasted, and served with egg and cheese, making it an excellent way to start your day. 


Kravitz Deli proves that quality in every aspect of your restaurant will keep it running for generations. Since 1939, Kravitz has been serving the Youngstown community with outstanding deli sandwiches, breakfasts, bakery creations, and more. If you haven’t already, head over to Kravitz on Belmont Avenue, and share your experience using #89Ate!