#89Ate- Ely’s

2021 is upon us, and there is no doubt that many of us will be taking on New Year’s resolutions to improve ourselves in various aspects of our lives. While these resolutions can take many forms, such as spending more time with loved ones, exercising frequently, and reading more books, one common resolution many will share is to eat better, and include more fruits and vegetables in our diets. If you’re looking to enjoy a healthy meal to-go, look no further than Ely’s! Read on to learn more about our experience with this vegan eatery.


Elys_89Ate_TacoFounded in 2008 by Ely and Jim Pugh, this Boardman restaurant was created with the goal of “Leaving a Lighter Footprint,” encouraging individuals to eat healthy and participate in a vegan diet, all while helping our planet. The entire menu is plant-based, and features several daily favorites such as soups, salads, spring rolls, and special sandwiches and lunch boxes. Under the new ownership by Yiota and David Italiano, this restaurant continues to serve a blend of healthy Vietnamese, French, and American cuisine. There are also a number of dessert options to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Our team loved Ely’s nutritious take on the fast-casual format. Some of the most popular items that our team enjoyed were the Mexican Buddah Bowl and the Tinga Chick’n Tacos. The ingredients were, of course, fresh and local. The food was light, but still left us feeling full after we ate. We also would have no clue this food was vegan, as the chicken and other meat substitutes tasted just like the real thing. The spring rolls, a daily menu option at ely’s, was another huge hit at our office. These rolls were fresh and delicious, and served with an outstanding peanut sauce to make it even better.


If you’re looking for a great place to start eating healthy in 2021, head over to Ely’s for some fresh vegetables, fruits, and other vegan cuisine. Our team had an amazing experience, and hope you have one that’s as great as ours. Be sure to like, share, and let us know about your Ely’s experience using #89Ate!