#89Ate- Orange Avocado

In our continued quest to find healthier places to eat, we stumbled upon Orange Avocado, a nutritional smoothie and juice shop located on Route 224 in Canfield. This small shop offers dozens of pre-made juices, packed with fruits, vegetables, grains, and more, along with a variety of healthy snacks. It may be small in size, but don’t let that fool you, as variety is the name of the game with this juicery. Read on to hear about our Orange Avocado experience!Orange_Avocado_Pie


The shop itself has a very simple setup: counter, cooler, table, and kitchen. However, their juices  are anything but simple. Packed with plenty of healthy, gluten-free, vegan ingredients, the folks at Orange Avocado opt to press their juices, rather than juicing them. Through this process, the ingredients retain 3-5 times the nutrients, making it even better for you than regular juices. To go along with this, Orange Avocado offers a juice cleanse program for customers. In this program, people will be guided on how to do a proper juice cleanse, all under the guidance of Orange Avocado’s expert team. 


Part of what makes Orange Avocado so awesome to visit is the quality and variety of their juices. Inside, you’ll find a number of tasty pre-made flavors, including Watermelon Mist, Go Green, Summer Fresh, and of course, the Orange Avocado. You’re not limited to just these flavors, though. You can take advantage of all the available ingredients that the shop offers to create your own juice blend. There is a juice blend for every palette at Orange Avocado, so everyone is invited to try their flavors.Orange_Avocado_Juice


If you’re looking for a tasty way to get all of your daily nutrients, look no further than Orange Avocado. With all of their healthy juices, this is the perfect place to start your cleanse or just find a healthier way to eat. Be sure to like and share, and let us know about your Orange Avocado experience using #89Ate!