#89Ate- Sweet Melissa’s

Sweet_Melissas_BuffaloWe all love eating out and ordering carryout, but it can sometimes be difficult to find truly healthy dining options. Thankfully, on Market Street in Boardman, there’s a little eatery called Sweet Melissa’s, which is known for its health-conscious meals. This eatery features a number of nutritious foods, specializing in salads and wraps. Don’t expect to be shorted, though, as this restaurant packs its meals high with toppings and other ingredients to leave your belly full. With every dressing, ingredient, salad, wrap, and sandwich being made fresh in-house, Sweet Melissa’s is a must-try for those in search of a fresh and healthy restaurant. 


When you check out Sweet Melissa’s menu, the first thing you’ll notice is their salads. There is a large salad variety here, and each one comes topped with delicious add-ons such as chicken, bacon, roasted almonds, sunflower seeds, feta, mozzarella, tomato, hot peppers, apples, and many, many more atop a bed of lettuce. “On Blueberry Hill” was a favorite in our office, which comes with chicken, feta, almonds, Chow-Mein noodles, blueberry puree, and a blueberry vinaigrette infused with cayenne pepper. From sweet salads to spicier options, there is a salad for any taste palette at Sweet Melissa’s.Sweet_Melissas_Meal


If salads aren’t something you’re looking for, Sweet Melissa’s also offers wraps and specials that will leave your mouth watering. Like the salads, there is a large selection of wraps, including the Southwest, Chicken Gyro, and Garlic Chicken that all offer something unique. If you’re interested in something beyond this, there are amazing daily specials, such as the Buffalo Chix dip, Shrimp Tacos, and Chicken Cordon Bleu. If you’re searching for a healthy wrap, this place certainly needs to be on your list.


Sweet Melissa’s is a small restaurant that’s full of delicious and healthy eating options. Whenever you’re on the search for a nutritious salad or wrap, this place has to be in the running every single time. With servings and toppings that will surely leave you absolutely stuffed, you have got to give Sweet Melissa’s a try. Be sure to let us know how your food was, and share your Sweet Melissa’s experience using #89Ate!