#89Ate- Bake Me Treats

When we started the #89Ate series, we did it out of a love and passion for local food, and a desire to showcase it. You could say that we are some regular “foodies” with a deep appreciation for the quality and variety of food that the Valley has to offer. Based on this, we wanted to use our platform to share this appreciation with you, talk about the eateries we love, and, hopefully, introduce you to some places you may have never been to. We’ve had the pleasure of tasting and reviewing food of all kinds, from sandwich shops to pizzerias to bars and sit-down restaurants, and having you with us along the way. Now, we are excited to add one more type of food to our ever-growing list: dessert! In this edition of 89Ate, we went to Poland for a taste of Bake Me Treats, a local bakery that is notorious for their macarons and cupcakes, among a host of other sugary treats. After sampling some of their Halloween-themed cupcakes, it’s safe to say that our sugar high is still at its peak, and we can’t wait to get our hands on more frosted, sweet goodness!  


Though small, this little bakery offers much more than meets the eye. The shop is jam-packed with plenty of ready-to-order options, most notably the macarons, which are Bake Me Treats’ specialty. However, there is also plenty to order for any event that you’re having, from wedding cakes to birthday cakes and other assorted pastries. What sets this particular bakery apart from others, though, is their Saturday breakfast. On Saturday mornings, you can head to Bake Me Treats for a cup of coffee and a breakfast sandwich, guaranteeing you’ll leave with more than just your desserts.89Ate_BakeMeTreats


Of course, the quality of the sweet treats is what makes or breaks a bakery, and Bake Me Treats doesn’t disappoint. Their cupcakes are everything you’d expect from a top-notch bakery: light, moist, and bursting with flavor. The icing variety adds an extra layer of flavor to the already delicious cake. It’s all topped off with a creatively festive decoration. Ours, being Halloween-themed, came designed as mummies, spiders, and ghosts, adding a fun twist to these incredible cupcakes.


Bake Me Treats is a wonderful little bakery that’s as packed with options as their treats are packed with flavor. You’ll find so much, including cupcakes, macarons, cakes, and even breakfast inside this Poland bakery. Just have a walk around inside, and you’re sure to find a sugary treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Be sure to like, share, and let us know about your Bake Me Treats experience using #89Ate!