89Ate- Wok it Out

Every restaurant, from fast food to diners to fine dining, has a story, and it usually comes from humble beginnings. Such is the case with Wok it Out, a locally owned and operated fast-casual restaurant specializing in, what they call, “noodle fusion,” which is a blend between traditional Asian and west coast cuisines. It is similar in concept to the Chipotle fast-casual style, with Lo Mein noodles being the signature base of the meal, and having meat and veggie options such as chicken, shrimp, sirloin, calamari, sesame seeds, and fried onions to top it off. With the restaurant growing from food truck to local chain, with locations in Boardman and Canfield (coming soon), the 898 team decided to, as they put it, “fight hunger” and see if Wok it Out is worth the hype. Spoiler alert: it most definitely is.


89Ate_WokitOut_CrabSide Dishes

Our team tried to cover all possible bases with our orders, so we made sure to sample some of the wontons and crab rangoons with our order. These side dishes were just as delicious as our main courses, but the crab rangoons really stole the show. The exterior had a slight crunch that complimented the crab filling perfectly. The wontons were cooked perfectly and also packed with just as much flavor.

Main Course

The “noodle fusion” concept might seem strange in theory, but the Wok it Out team pulls it off without a hitch. Your box will come absolutely stuffed to the brim with noodles or rice, your choice of meat, and vegetables. The Lo Mein noodles were thick 89Ate_WokitOut_Mealsand soft, and the vegetables were fresh and flavored with a delicious soy sauce. The meat and fish toppings were all tender,  cooked, and seasoned perfectly. When topped with Wok it Out’s Yum Yum sauce, this meal really pops and adds a bit more flavor to what was already packed in the box.


Upon visiting Wok it Out’s website, one of the first things you’ll see is a banner that emphatically exclaims, “Fight Hunger!” Through this noodle fusion concept, the Wok it Out team successfully did just that, and accomplished it in the most satisfying way possible. If you’re looking for some local Asian cuisine with its own unique twist, then you definitely need to give Wok it Out a try. Be sure to like, share, and let us know about your experience using #89Ate!