89Ate- A Slice of Italy at Yosteria

This pretty much goes without saying, but Youngstown is known for its pizza. We’re sure you’ve had more than your share of debates with friends and family about who has the best slice in the area, and may have compromised a few relationships in the process (just kidding… kind of). With all that being said, it can be pretty difficult for anyone to break into the Youngstown pizza market, even Valley natives, but Alex Zordich and his team at Yosteria have found a way to do just that. With training in traditional pizza and wine making from Puglia, Italy and Napa, California, the Youngstown native is back to make Yosteria a household name in the Valley. So, what is it that makes Yosteria’s traditional take on the Italian pie such a hit? Check out what Cailyn, Jackie, and Michael have to say in this week’s #89Ate review! 


The most notable thing about this pizza is easily the crust. There are many things that make this pizza stand out, but the crust is the best part. It’s a bit crispy, but not overwhelmingly so, and you can taste just how light it is after the first bit. My favorite kind has to be the sausage pizza. The slices were smaller, so the piece of sausage right in the middle was perfect, making it taste just right.


Easily one of the best pizzas in the area. So good, in fact, that I went back the next day for more! The best part about the pizza, to me, was definitely how fresh the ingredients were. It’s pretty clear when a restaurant uses fresh ingredients or not, and all of the ingredients here were absolutely delicious. The sauce was especially great, as it was perfectly seasoned and prepared. 

Michael (Francisco)

Honestly, this pizza absolutely whacks. Like Cailyn, I enjoyed the crust quite a bit for its crispy exterior and soft, light interior. I really loved the blend of cheeses and how well it was melted. You can really tell they put a ton of care into every pie they make in the restaurant.

89Ate_Yosteria_BoxesYosteria has truly carved out its own niche within the Youngstown pizza market by bringing an authentic Italian experience to our area. After sampling some of the different pizzas the restaurant offers, this Cornersburg-based shop has become a favorite in our office. Let us know about your Yosteria experience, and be sure to like and share using #89Ate!