898Ate- Celebrating National Hot Dog Day With JibJab and Jay’s

To celebrate National Hot Dog Day, which falls on the third Wednesday of every July, the 898 Marketing team decided to sample some of the most popular hot dog shoppes in the area. JibJab Hot Dogs and Jay’s Famous Hot Dogs are two local favorites, and have been for decades, so they were two perfect places to celebrate the day. Naturally, our team was not disappointed, as the two iconic restaurants left our stomachs full, tastebuds satisfied, and for some, feeling a little nostalgic for those post-baseball game hot dogs from little league. Here is our review of the two legendary hot dog shoppes!




This hot dog restaurant, located in Girard, particularly struck a chord with Ryan, as he grew up eating JibJab after sporting events and school. For the rest of the team, we especially loved the chili and cheese sauce, as well as the soft and warm bun, in addition to the hot dog itself. The chili-cheese dog is Jib Jab’s signature meal, and it did not disappoint in our office. The fries were also an outstanding addition to the meal. JibJab takes a traditional approach when cooking their french fries, which offers a classic side dish to this classic American meal.



Jay’s Jays_HotDogs

Jay’s, another classic area hot dog shoppe located in Boardman, has a deep history in the area. Known for its pointed roof (as well as the hot dogs), Jay’s was originally located in Austintown before relocating to Boardman. Two things that haven’t changed since the relocation, though, are the building’s unique shape and the quality of the food. The chili sauce immediately stuck out to the group, as it had a Cajun spice added to it, giving it some extra flavor. The fries, like JibJab’s, took on a classic approach that could be likened to fair fries, making a perfect pair with this classic frank.


All in all, Youngstown isn’t just known for its pizza. There are some incredible hot dog shoppes, like JibJab and Jay’s, that offer their own takes on the classic American food. In addition to the food, you can expect an unforgettable experience that you can share with your friends and family. Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the hot dog shoppes in our area, and share and comment about your experience using #89Ate.