design internship at 898 Marketing in Canfield

Perspective Change Since Working at 898 Marketing

As a Marketing major in college, I’ve been asked the question, “what is marketing?” many times. I’ve always considered marketing as a tool that a business or individual uses to boost sales, loyalty, and customer traffic flow. Since starting my internship here at 898 Marketing, my perspective on the marketing industry has changed rapidly. I get remarks saying all we do here is create cartoons and play games, but now I see a whole new picture of what marketing is and how it changes a business. My new take on what marketing really is involves being consistent, building strong relationships, and having fun/moving out of your own comfort zone. 

One of the things that initially caught my attention is a quote from Jeff Ryznar, saying, “a lack of consistency breeds a lack of interest.” This made me think that marketing is not all about sales and traffic flow. If you or your business doesn’t have a proper strategy that is consistent over time, attention and attraction will be lost. I feel that once a business becomes successful in a specific market, they tend to branch out in different directions and start to fail. This may not be the case for all businesses, but some. Businesses that branch out lack consistency and end up trying to struggle returning to their first niche market. I now understand how crucial consistency is to a marketing strategy.

In school, there is an emphasis on building connections and I understand that knowing a great number of people creates many opportunities for you and your business. Since starting at 898, I’ve learned that building relationships shows you care about something more than a paycheck. Our goal is to provide a service and help those who trust us in all that we do. Showing someone they can trust you and that you’re in this industry because it is what you really love, and not because of the benefits you may get out of it, is what we are here for. Since starting my internship back in January, I see that building caring relationships will increase the your clients’ loyalty. Our goal is to not only help businesses grow, but help people grow as well. 

The last thing that changed my marketing perspective is being able to get out of your comfort zone and have fun! I feel that the only way to create a brand, logo, strategy, or ad is to be creative, have fun, and find some inspiration. Playing it safe may be more of a risk than taking the actual risk and doing the unexpected. Doing so will have a positive impact on yourself and everyone associated with your business. Creating content that anyone is able to engage with is something else I feel has changed for me. Content does not have to be strict or formulated, but finding a way to engage your audience will attract more people and give your business a way to stay connected. Overall marketing about being consistent in all channels, building caring relationships, and getting out of your comfort zone.


Jake FranciscoJake_Francisco_Headshot is currently a Marketing Intern at 898 Marketing.  As an intern, Jake is gaining valuable experience with strategic development, creative concepting, research, market analysis, video production and effective account management and presentation skills. Jake is a native of Youngstown, Ohio, and a Marketing student at Youngstown State University, where he will earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.