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89Ate- A Magical Experience at Magic Tree in Boardman

Boardman, like many places in the Mahoning Valley, is home to so many great restaurants. One such location, settled on South Avenue, is Magic Tree Pub & Eatery. This modern restaurant has a friendly and “homely” atmosphere that immediately places it in a category of its own amongst many of the bars in the area. A stage for talented local musicians to perform ads to this pub’s appeal, offering live entertainment on weekend nights while you eat and drink. If you’re searching for a place to enjoy the equally fantastic drinks, service, and food that you’ve come to expect from restaurants in the area, then look no further than the most magical place of them all! 


Everything pretzel and #BestFriedChickenTendersEver for Jackie

Is there anything better than an everything bagel? YES, an everything pretzel. Our trip to the Magic Tree managed to combine my two favorite things into one. This creative twist on the classic soft pretzel was perfectly seasoned with everything bagel seasoning, and served with cream cheese and capers, smoked salmon, and picked onions, it made the ideal shareable appetizer to start off our delicious lunch at the Magic Tree.

With the fried chicken tenders, Magic Tree brings a classic Southern treat in the North. These tenders were lightly breaded and crispy served with a side of your choice of sauce and fries. The Sriracha Honey sauce added a little kick with a mild sweetness to go with the crispy breading. The side of sweet potato fries were an awesome compliment to the Sriracha Honey sauce. If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend trying the #BestFiedChickenTendersEver from the Magic Tree! 


BBQ Mac N Cheese for Trotta

One staple of the Magic Tree menu is their Mac n’ Cheese options. With takes on classics like traditional mac and lobster mac, the BBQ Mac n’ Cheese stood tall (literally) among all of them. The pulled pork and fried onion straws were stacked high on top Cavatappi pasta and a sea of creamy cheese sauce. If you’re looking for an excellent bit of comfort food, look no further than the BBQ Mac n’ Cheese. 


Nashville Chicken Sandwich for Ryan 

A southern twist in a town known for its Italian cuisine, the Nashville Chicken Sandwich offers one of the best comfort food options in the area. This sandwich is piled high with coleslaw, pickle chips, a spicy Nashville seasoning, and honey sauce. This blend of spices, seasonings, and sauces creates such a unique flavor, and no other chicken sandwich in the area has come close to matching it. The iconic branding on the brioche bun drives this sandwich’s uniqueness home. This is one of Magic Tree’s signature meals, and for good reason. When you head here to eat, the Nashville Chicken Sandwich should definitely be a contender when choosing your meal.

Magic Tree in Boardman is the perfect place to kick back, have a beer, and enjoy some magical American cuisine. Much like the Magic Tree logo branding on the sandwich and burger buns, this restaurant gets our stamp of approval. Be sure you head to South Avenue to give Magic Tree a try, and share and comment about your experience using #89Ate!