89Ate: An Italian Dining Experience That Rivals Any in Youngstown

In Cornersburg, sitting comfortably in the same plaza as the US Post Office and Family Dollar, is Tringhese’s Italian Specialities. On the outside, it may seem like just a regular deli, but when you walk in the left side door (yes, you have to walk in the left side) you’ll find a place that is bursting with character and everything that makes Youngstown so special: friendly people, amazing service, and of course the INCREDIBLE food. All of this will remind you of grandma’s kitchen on Sunday.

If you are a West-sider, then you have undoubtedly spent some time in the “Italian Store” for lunch, or at least heard of it, since it has been sitting in the same spot for so many years. If you’re not or haven’t, then you’re about to find out about a deli with so much charm and such outstanding food that you can’t ignore it. Here is our 89Ate review of Tringhese’s Italian Specialities in Cornersburg.


Meatballs and Wedding Soup for Cailyn

Meatballs and wedding soup – The perfect Italian lunch combination. I like to think of myself as a meatball connoisseur, and let me tell you – these were perfection. Packed with flavor, tender throughout, served with delicious homemade sauce, these meatballs would make anyone’s Italian Grandmother proud. 

If you’re stopping at Cornersburg Italian Specialties, the Wedding Soup is a must. The tasty broth is full of flavorful greens, perfectly seasoned meatballs and just the right amount of pasta. It is the perfect thing for a cold day in Ohio!



Chicken Parm for Ryan

The chicken parm, a meal you can find on just about every corner in Youngstown, is nothing but classic at Cornersburg Italian Specialties. The perfect combination of sauce, parmesan cheese with a thin lightly breaded chicken breast brings this classic alive. Add a side of pasta and it’s just like grandma’s Sunday dinner for lunch.   



Pizza for Zach

If you’ve spent any amount of time in Youngstown, then you know the pizza market is pretty saturated with amazing restaurants. The pizza that Italian Specialities offers, though, can hang with any pizza place in the area. It comes in a unique square design, and a size that is somewhere between 12” and personal. Its four slices are just enough to fill you up for lunch or dinner. 

In terms of flavor, this pizza balances every pizza-related variable to make it the most amazing it can be. The crust toes the line between crispy and light, the sauce is just sweet enough, and there is just enough cheese to enjoy. All in all, this little deli in Cornersburg has a pizza that is completely in its own lane, and goes toe-to-toe with any pizza place in Youngstown. It’s a must-have!



If you haven’t had a chance to check out this amazing local deli, we suggest you head over as soon as you can. This authentic Italian experience is amazing, and will keep you coming back to try all of their daily specials. We hope you enjoyed our review of Tringhese’s Italian Specialties, and let us know who should feature next on social media using #89Ate!